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Addressing the immediate needs of our students is at the heart of our counseling services. We foster a professional one-on-one relationship between our counselors and students (the counselees). The primary goal is to assist students in setting and achieving cognitive, emotive, and/or behavioral goals. Our approach aims to help students develop strategies for positive adjustment and well-being while exploring their life’s purpose. This personalized support is provided through Individual or Small-Group Counseling.


The Guidance and Retention Unit endeavors to extend timely and relevant activities through its services: Individual Inventory, Psychological Testing, Information and Orientation Services, Counseling and Formation, Referral, Career, and Follow-up. These services are provided to meet the needs of the students which cannot be dealt with inside the regular class instruction thus; the unit works together with the Academic Department of the school. These standard services are articulated according to the diverse needs of PEN students with a thrust on their holistic development.